Khoa – My Progress

My project is getting slow since I haven’t collected data from elderly adults yet. As the beginning, I thought I could collect data from elderly adults on July 17th; however, the data was changed to July 25th. I only have one day to collect data which is a lot of pressure because I won’t have another chance if I mess up. In the last two weeks, I have collected data from 10 younger adults and analyzed their data after that. I let them do the single leg stance with eyes-open and eyes-closed on the force plate combining with the electromyography (EMG). My test seems simple but it’s not easy as I thought.

Single leg stance with the EMG and the force plate.

During analyzing data from 10 younger adults, I have realized that the first three data were bad due to a problem with the force plate. It means that I have to run the test again with those three participants. I really appreciated those participants because they’re willing to help me with this project.

Data analysis is another challenge for me because I have to learn how to normalize the raw EMG signal. I could normalize the raw EMG with the maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) to give me the %MVC. I have found that the EMG from gastrocnemius (GA) muscle was greater than tibialis anterior (TA) which I think it makes sense to me. For the force plate, I’ll look at the center of pressure (COP) to see how they apply their pressure during the test. So far, there is no interesting significance difference since I only had data from younger adults; however, this is help me to practice my procedure to collect data from elderly adults faster.


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