Kayanja Primary School Visit

This week we visited the Kayanja military base to visit the children at the Kayanja Primary School. We were greeted by the parents and military at the base to give brief introductions and were welcomed with open arms. We were given a tour of the classrooms for the little ones (age 4-7 years). We sat in an open area with benches and were quickly greeted by the entire school. The school choir and drum group came out and sang songs in their local language as well as English to greet us and express their appreciation for the previous years’ students projects and how they have impacted their school. Each class had a song they performed, as well as dancing. The little ones at the primary school on the Kayanja military base melted my heart with their dancing and singing. 😍 We had a great day  interacting with the students on how we could help improve their school. We also played net ball and football (soccer) for a couple of hours. Since football is a boy’s sport here, it was awesome to see the girls charge the field and kick the boys off to have a girl’s football game. They caught on quick! So grateful the students and staff were so welcoming.



Cynthia Begay

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