Journey to Uganda

Good evening from Kampala Uganda! It’s currently 10:45 pm here…it maybe anywhere between 1:00pm-4:00pm if you are reading this from the states. I wanted to start my blog entries with how we arrived to Uganda! This has been the longest international trip I’ve taken by far.

Dr. Stephanie Brodine, Peery, and I began our journey at the San Diego International Airport Saturday morning at 5:00am. After security clearance and a quick coffee, we were off to New York City to pick up our final team member, AJ. Luckily, our layover in NY was just enough time to board. Six hours later, we crossed the pond–and landed in Amsterdam. From Amsterdam, we flew to Rwanda for a quick layover. 30+ hours of traveling later, we arrived to our final destination Entebbe. From Entebbe we took a 45 minute ride to the capital and our new home Kampala, Uganda.

Along the ride to Kampala, we quickly discovered the transportation was a lot different than back home. There are no clear lanes, cars seem to be flying everywhere, pot holes galore (reminds me of driving in La Jolla if you’re from the area haha), and boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) zipping in between cars. We arrived at 1am, so the drive over we were able to see some of the nightlife and food stands. We arrived to our golf course apartments, settled in, and tried our best to catch up with the time zone.

Although we are only in the middle of our first week, we hit the ground running with several meetings with key leaders from our sites and project managers. As we pilot the Uganda program for students, we are trying a new model this year. In the weeks to come, we will discuss in more detail about our future projects.


Cynthia Begay

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