Jinja reminds me of home!

Rain on the Nile
Red Dirt
Oklahoma or Uganda?
AJ and I soaking wet!
AJ and I soaking wet!
Calm after the rain


Being 3,000 miles away from the United States, I thought I would have terrible cultural shock and feel completely out of place. However, throughout the day I find myself thinking how much I feel like I am home in Oklahoma. Experiencing Jinja has been an amazing experience. The people are openly friendly, the dirt is red, and the thunderstorms come unexpectedly.

When my companions and I went on our first outing alone, we chose to go to the Source of the Nile where Lake Victoria feeds the Nile river. We learned very quickly that the weather is unpredictable and found ourselves quickly seeking shelter from the downpour. Although it didn’t completely stop raining until a while later, we made the best of the situation and continued to the source. I loved seeing the rain fall on the Nile. We got soaked, laughed a ton, met interesting people and started on an adventure I will never forget!

Peery W.


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