Huacas de la Luna and El Burjo

When visiting these two archaeological sites I was struck by the similarity between the two. The El Brujo archaeological site predates the one of Huaca de la Luna, however, the sites seemed to be built by the same people who built the Huaca de la Luna. According to the people working in the sites the people that occupied these sites were the Moche people. The Moche people were a very sophisticated society that flourished in the northern part of Peru during the pre-Colombian time. The Moche are known for their complex irrigation system, ceramics, and monuments such as the Huaca’s. In both of site,s we can see a common theme of the spider god

Looking at the present day influences, we see a lot of technologies and customs that are still in use by the native people of northern Peru. The Caballitos de totora are a very old type of watercraft that has been used for about 3,000 years by the people of northern Peru. Some of the houses near the Huaca Prieta site still resemble some of the pre-Columbian houses of the day using mud and bamboo to build them. Although there are people that migrate to the north of Peru, I still expect the people of northern Peru to have high use of medicinal plants.

-Francisco Hernandez

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