Ghana Celebrates Republic Day & Cindy’s 21st Bday

Ghana celebrates Republic Day! 7.1.16

This was during a parade and she was patiently waiting for the “broni” to take the photo. She was wearing something similar to a Carnival ensemble with the traditional kente cloth.  Taken during a weekend visit to Accra region. Side note: Sometime after WWII, the British didn’t have resources to control its colonies. Ghana was then the first of many African countries to become independent under the influence of Kwame Nkrumah. On the first of July, 1960 it became a republic with Nkrumah as its first president.



You can’t come to Ghana without watching some live fútbol. Accra vs. Kumasi! Kumasi wins in penalty shootouts. On the left is our friend Daniel and on the right Cindy. She’s ready for her bday cake.



The big 21!  We bought her non-blowout candles by accident so within a few minutes we had the restaurant in smoke. hahahaha. Good one, Daniel!


  • Kwaku (Sean)


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