Gabriel Williams week 9

This week has been pretty regular. Still working on the graphs for my project. I have gotten every other aspect of my final report done and ready to go for the last presentation next week. Although the graphs are still giving me a little trouble. The data has shown that one of the sensors is giving inconsistent readings and it is skewing my overall data. I have not yet decided if I just want to discard those incorrect readings or find a way to mathematically adjust them.

Another issue I am having is averaging and comparing all these different data points. For my experiment in particular I have 6 EMG sensors. My experiment  has 3 exercises with 3 reps each. That means each rep has 6 readings of data each. That means for all 8 subjects, I am working with 432 different columns of data in excel. It is very tedious to average all of these data columns, make graphs, then make comparing graphs to other subjects as well. Hopefully it will all come together nicely.

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