Gabriel Williams Week 8

This week I started to my data analysis.  I began taking each individual file from my data and running it through 2 different software applications through the system.  I then took the EMG data from those results and exported it to an Excel file, and logged it in a folder for each participant that it was for. I then averaged each sensor’s data from each trail and made a graph to represent the average readings from that particular rep for that exercise.  I will then compare each of these graphs to the other graphs of the other sets, then from subject to subject, and finally an overall average from all the subjects.

At the end of this week I met a guy named Aspiro who asked if I wanted to go to a night club called Brickyard. He also said that he knew people at the club and could get us in free. Friday night we met him at the MRT station and he brought along several friends with him and they were all really cool. The club was great and had a nice mix of international and American music. it was truly a night to remember because when we finally left the sun was out again.

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