Gabriel Williams week 7

This week I have continued to gather data for my experiment. I can safely say that I have perfected the art of shaving other people, since for each subject I have to shave them in order to put the sensors on their body. This week will be my last week of data collection. Bye the end of this week I should have collected data from 8 subjects.  Next week I will begin to compile and analyze the data to make my graphs.

This weekend we made our trip to Taipei. Instead of taking the high speed rail, we took the U-Bus because it was about $1100 NTD less per ticket. The bus system was not very difficult to navigate and guides at the bus station were very helpful. Taipei was great. It seems a lot bigger and busier than Kaohsiung. We visited a hot springs in Beitou. The water was extremely hot and I couldn’t go past the first pool because each pool increased in temperature the higher you go. The next day we went to Bitan and went paddle boating on a river through town, and visited a couple of shops while there. That  night we also went to the Shilin Night Market. It was so huge and filled with delicious food. Taipei was definitely a trip to remember.

228 Memorial Park
228 Memorial Park
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