Gabriel Williams Week 6

So far my experiment has become fairly solid. I am collecting good data from subjects and really learning how to interact with my subjects despite the language barrier. Not only do I have to make sure that my subjects are following the instructions, but I also have to make sure to give them instruction that do not leave any assumptions. That way there is no chance that a subject will accidentally skew my data and I will have to restart. Getting used to interacting with subjects, my research here is definitely an adjustment from bench research I was used to. Especially given the use of the EMG. The sensors must be applied to smooth clean skin and it is really interesting asking my patients for permission to shave and clean parts of their bodies where the sensors go.

This week I also visited another night market called Rueifong. It is the biggest one in Kaohsiung City. It was filled with lots of different type of foods and games to try. I spent 40NT on a bottle game that I was so close to winning, but I quit so I would not use all my money. The best thing I had there was a grilled beef with onions an cucumbers with chili sauce inside of this doughy bun. At another stand there I met an Egyptian guy who stopped me because we were both black and wanted to know where I was from and what brought me to Taiwan. We chatted for a little bit and I tried food from his stand. His food was a close second to my favorite thing there.

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