Gabriel- Second Week in Taiwan

The second week was all about travel and learning how to get around. I got an I-Pass card and learned how to use the MRT  and buses. I also learned how to check out he city bikes at the different bike stations across the city. The city bikes are really fun because the first 30 minutes are free, and it is always a race to get to the next station in time so you do not have to pay. Transportation such as these made seeing things around the city a lot easier. Using the different transportation systems we visited the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Kaohsiung Arena Mall, Cijin Beach, an the Shoushan National Park.

By far the most memorable experience was definitely Shoushan National Park, or what locals call “Monkey Mountain”. It is a a hiking trail through a section of the Chaishan mountains. It is home to a big population of Formosan Rock Macaque, which is a type of monkey. They are found everywhere on the mountain and are commonly on or near the trail grooming themselves. They are very friendly, I assume because they are used to all of the hikers that travel the trails all the time. The hike itself was actually pretty tiring. I have never really been on a hike before and Chaishan mountain was physically taxing but not horrible. The sights and calmness of the forest were really nice to see, and we made it out just before nightfall. The other hikers on the trail were very helpful in giving us directions to different checkpoints and water refill stations along the mountain. It was a very fun and exciting experience.

Monkey Mountain
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