Gabriel- First Week in Taiwan

Tea with Dr. Fred’s Family

My first week in Taiwan has taught me a lot about what being a foreigner feels like. Most people here are very friendly and try their best to help you deal with the language barrier. The small percentage of others just look with confusion and curiosity more than anything else. An even smaller percentage look with disgust and annoyance. Although all in all it is a very insightful experience especially for me to go from a minority in America to what seems like a super minority here.

Through meeting Dr. Fred’s parents I learned about the importance of tea in Taiwanese culture. To be invited for tea is a sign of respect and of friendship. Dr. Fred’s dad, Lin Papa, saw that I was enjoying the tea and offered me some fermented high quality tea that I believe was at least 50 years old. It made me feel very welcomed and good because this was a sign that he thought highly of us. That I know will be one of my fondest memories from this experience.

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