Gabriel Final Week

South Bay Beach (Kenting)
Confucius Temple (Tainan)
Final Presentation

The final week in Taiwan was really something. The beginning of the week was full of anxiousness and stress, trying to analyze the data correctly and getting my final presentation power point to be perfect. My data in particular had many readings since I used 6 sensors for my project. I went through so many different excel sheets, its not even funny. Although by the end of it all I ended with a really good presentation. My lab thought it was very good, as well and were impressed with the amount of work I accomplished in my time here. I can definitely say that I learned a lot during my time here.

The day after my presentation I traveled to Kenting to visit one of Taiwan’s famed beaches, South Bay. It was so fun! The water was beautiful, the day was perfect, and the food was great. The trip there was very easy to do, as well and we were able to get discounted bus tickets. I also found and collected a lot of cool sea shells and bits of coral. The next day I traveled to Tainan, a city that used to be the capital of Taiwan. I visited an old Confucius temple, a market street, and a creative outdoor art center. While at the art center, I also saw a couple of dance crews doing a competition. This last week in Taiwan really showed me how great of a place Taiwan is and how much I will miss being here. I will definitely try and come back later in life.

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