Gabe Week 4-Settling in

This week I found myself really settling in. I have gotten used to most things that I use at KMU and around the city. I have gotten used to the area and know my way around the area a little bit. I can go to the mall, different bike stations, different eateries, and parks without having to screenshot the directions before I leave campus. Also I have begun growing relationships with some of the food stands in the area and becoming “a regular” there. Many shop owners are happy to see me and try to teach me words and signals and their meanings for better communication.

In lab this week I continued to work on my procedure. Today I will be doing a field test on my procedure to see if it works what I need to change. By next week I should be able to start my data collection. I look forward to working with my subjects because I have never done an experiment before where I have to interact with people. I am really looking forward to to this new aspect of research for me.


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