First day at the lab

Arrived at work around 8:50am, but didn’t start working until 9:20am, which seems to be a pattern according to Nick, most the of time we don’t start working until 30 mins after the set time. For the first day the work pace is pretty slow compared to other labs that I have been in, but it could be because everyone in my group, the graduate student, PI, and myself are learning a new technique. CISECE has an amazing view of the ocean and today the weather complimented the view with clear skies and a nice breeze. The CISECE cafe is bomb, for only 50 Pesos, around 2.5 American dollars, you get coffee, oatmeal, chilaquiles, papas, huevos, y frijols, so you gotta love the exchange rate and the portions. Also, we didn’t ran into some problems when polymerizing our  SDS page gel, but that’s science. Left work around 3:40 pm and ran into some apartment friends that also go to school at CISECE, so they challenged Nick and I to a friendly soccer match. We won 5-2, but tomorrow we’ll play them again.


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