Final Blog

This final couple of days have been very eventful in terms of lab work. There has been a great deal of work to do in lab before we leave. I have been staying a bit longer trying to finish the last part of my project. Overall, it turned out good, I learned a lot. Before I left I got to spend some time outside of the lab with my graduate student mentors and my PI.

With my roommates one last activity that we were able to do was to attend the “Recorrido Nocturno del Riviera.” During which they walk you in the dark through all the rooms and talk to you about the history of each place and how those have influenced Ensenada. They also talk about the people that have died there as part of the history of the place, which is what make is more interesting. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see the ghost of the little girl that died there and likes to walk around the fourth floor of the Riviera.

Overall Ensenada was a great experience, I was able to attain a lot of experiences in the lab, and met great people in and outside of the lab. I will cherish all those memories and the people, because I learned something from every one of them. I will apply those lessons to my life, in order to be a better person. However, living so close to Ensenada I will definitely go visit all the friends I’ve made.


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