Field work in Jesus Maria

Doing field work in Jesus Maria was much different in comparison to Huanchaco and Huanchaquito. The reason for this difference from my perspective is the rural environment of the community. In Huanchaco, the tourist environment makes it a more friendly atmosphere to people coming from other countries. Huanchaquito is a right balance of both of the communities because it has convenience stores in the town and also has people cultivating herbs and plants. Jesus Maria has a lot of farmland, and most of the people get their food and medicinal plants from the fields.

When arriving in Jesus Maria, we asked a local named William to help in notifying the locals about the interview. As a result of this, the local people were more willing to share with us their use of medicinal plants. In Jesus Maria we often saw the medicinal plants that the locals were talking about. Matico, Molle, and Eucalipto where the most common plants used among the locals because they are used as cold remedies. My experience in Jesus Maria was nostalgic of being a kid and going to my mother’s homeland.

  • Francisco Hernandez
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