Ensenada 5

What I will definitely miss from Ensenada are the friends that I’ve made in our living area, the lab, and MHIRT program. Throughout our stay, there were people who came and went from the surrounding rooms that were from France, Colombia, or different cities around Mexico. Certain students came here to do summer research and others to study at a local university close to where we were training. Some of the majors of people I talked to were physics, astronomy, bio-engineering, biomedical and electronics. I’ve enjoyed my conversations with them about science and what it is they have gone through to be where they are; along with where they want to go. There are things that I saw and became aware about here that I definitely wouldn’t of thought of or imagined back home. Apart from work and study we also got a chance to hang out in the common area of the house or take walks around town.
Other things I will miss are the great views, the nice weather, the fruits, and the food. If you’re working in the lab or walking home tired, you can always look up and see the beautiful ocean and sun. As far as lab, I really enjoyed learning cell culture techniques. My mentors were very bright and skilled on the projects they were working on. I will also be curious about how the projects I helped with progressed being that there are certain parts we could not work on because the supplies were not available until it was time for me to go back home. The delivery system seems to take a bit longer here than it did for other labs that I’ve been in, but we made the best of it and occupied ourselves in other projects meanwhile. I also enjoyed being able to see some of the students practice presenting research defenses on our Wednesday meetings, and seeing how they answered questions at the end of their presentations. The researchers there all collaborated in giving the student presenter advise and helping them develop their thinking as a researcher. By observing this it gave me a better idea of how I should react or present when I’m in a similar situation.


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