Ensenada 4

Working in lab so far, I noticed the importance of collaboration and organization between members, especially when there are several research teams working in the same area at the same time. Although there are basic lab techniques that everyone in the lab follows, each team has their own style of going about their experiments and maintaining equipment. It’s useful to know what each room is used for, the temperature that they are kept, and how the equipment should look before you leave the room. This attention to detail can be very useful not only for you, but the other members that use the area as well. Maybe you or someone else overlooked something and can help each other as a whole. In the long run, it benefits everyone by preventing equipment from malfunctioning and experiments being delayed. I’ve also noticed the importance of improvisation during lab, and being able to adjust procedures experimentally as you go. If something isn’t behaving as it should, you need to be able to use some of the formulas and calculations you learned in class as well as your own best reasoning. The mentors I’ve been working with are very sharp and have good practice doing this. The team I work with is very united and support each other with their goals. I’m learning a lot from observing them and their reasoning as to why they make the adjustments that they do. Things we learn in college are definitely useful but the experience in this lab has been impressive, along with showing me the areas I would need to concentrate and work on more once I get back this semester.

I ventured off a little more these couple weeks and decided to try sea food around here since the area is well known for this. There are a lot of mariscos shops and restaurants around here and the Malcon. I had a shrimp cocktail since it’s my favorite, and tried oysters for the first time. Another day we also went for a walk in the afternoon and got to see a water show with lights that coordinated with a stream of classical music among other songs. This area of the Malecon is very family oriented, has a lot of food stands, and is also a good place for a relaxing walk.


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