Coming Back

Coming back is everything I thought it would be. Seeing my friends and family, as well as coming back to the food I missed so much. after I got back the first thing I told my parents is that I want to go south of the border and get some tacos. When in Tijuana it made me remember a lot of what I saw in Peru. The street, the markets, the people taking public transportation to get to there day jobs.  The similarity to my own culture made it feel like I didn’t leave San Diego, nor Peru. While in Peru the rich indigenous culture that was in Peru was similar to that of Mexico. The Moche and Inca Culture’s reminded me of the Mayan and Aztec cultures. The use of corn was something that was different from what I was used to in my lifestyle. In Peru chicha is a drink that is made from corn, and it could be either a fermented, or non-fermented drink. When I tried chicha, I did not think much of it. However, when I heard about the process of making it, I became very intrigued about the process.
At this moment I am currently back in my school library typing this blog thinking about the people I left behind in Peru. During the summer these people made me grow more as a person and as a professional. To be able contribute to research like this is a blessing. I can only thank the people from the MHIRT program, Dr Sharon, and my colleagues for my experience abroad, and for the precious experience that this internship provided. Thanks to this internship I feel much closer to being able to help the communities of under-served populations like the ones I saw in Peru.

-Francisco Hernandez

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