Khoa – Chiayi City

Today, Fred took us to his hometown, Chiayi city, which is located in the plains of southwestern Taiwan.

Mituto Temple
Mituto Temple

First stop, Mituo Temple was built in 1752 and renovated several times after earthquakes and floods. The whole temple was reconstructed in 1973 and completed in 1978. Fred has a good connection with Mituo Temple because he has been in this temple many times since he was a kid. We had a chance to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere of the temple with Fred and a Buddhist Nun. She prepared a tea pot of green tea for us to try. Before we left, we had a group picture with her as a memory.

Another part of Mituo Temple
At a Mituo Temple with a Buddhist Nun

Next stop, we stopped by Fred’s house to visit his parents, Lin Mama and Lin Papa. We had an opportunity to learn how to prepare a pot of tea in Taiwan traditional way from Lin Papa. There are two cups for each of us: a small cup and a bigger cup. Lin Papa would pour the tea into the small cup first, then we pour the tea from the small cup to the bigger cup. We need to smell the tea from the small cup right after that because that is how we enjoy the tea according to Lin Papa. Lin Papa and Lin Mama taught us some Chinese Mandarin phrases during the tea activity. We were glad that we could visit Fred’s house and learned more about Taiwanese culture through the tea activity with Lin Papa. Thanks Fred for having us in your house where you spent your childhood.

Tea with Dr. Fred’s Family

We headed to Chiayi’s Downtown to explore more about the city and check the Wenhua Road Night Market. The Wenhua Road Night Market a business street mainly filled by snack stalls and clothing stores in daytime, as night falls, the area transformed into a vivid night market divided by a Central Fountain at the southern section of Wenhua Road.

On our way to Wenhua Road Night Market.

-Khoa Vo MHIRT 2019-

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