Field work in Jesus Maria

Doing field work in Jesus Maria was much different in comparison to Huanchaco and Huanchaquito. The reason for this difference from my perspective is the rural environment of the community. In Huanchaco, the tourist environment makes it a more friendly atmosphere to people coming from other countries. Huanchaquito is a right balance of both of …

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Meeting Juanita

Our first day in the city of Huanchaco, famous for their caballitos de totora and ceviche (of course), our mentor Douglas took us to the local market to meet Juanita, one of the curanderas Doug has worked with in his previous visits here in town. The Peru team were lucky enough to catch Juanita preparing …

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Our Welcome to Uganda

My first two weeks in Uganda were a bit hectic. We arrived in Kampala late at night, after what felt like an endless flight, and I immediately felt the heaviness of the humidity. That has since disappeared, however, and I really enjoyed it. I actually like humid conditions. It was challenging dealing with jet-lag during …

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Beginning lab.

Although I couldn’t wait to start work, it was nice having a couple of extra days of leisure time. Our PI was just not quite ready for us to begin. I was more than okay with it, but I also would have been okay otherwise. I took that time to get to know Kaohsiung a …

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