Living in Tororo

July 2-13 While in Tororo, I met three American Peace Corps volunteers. Chatting with them helped me navigate the cultural differences between Americans and Ugandans. One asked me if I had figured out the difference between “now, now” and “now”. I laughed and said I had. “Now, now” means now and “now” actually means sometime within …

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Arriving to Tororo

June 18-29th Tororo I arrived in Tororo on June 14th, after about two weeks of exploring Uganda with my mentor, Dr. Brodine, and the other two MHIRT fellows. This is where my research experience truly began. I met the new people I would be working with and said goodbye to my travel mates. It was …

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Coming Back

Coming back is everything I thought it would be. Seeing my friends and family, as well as coming back to the food I missed so much. after I got back the first thing I told my parents is that I want to go south of the border and get some tacos. When in Tijuana it …

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Field work in Jesus Maria

Doing field work in Jesus Maria was much different in comparison to Huanchaco and Huanchaquito. The reason for this difference from my perspective is the rural environment of the community. In Huanchaco, the tourist environment makes it a more friendly atmosphere to people coming from other countries. Huanchaquito is a right balance of both of …

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