6. Research #4

In total, we collected about 85 surveys (including both patients and their relatives/spouses), which provide interesting data. We will continue the analysis and prepare to write a paper. Hopefully, our findings will be useful and inform future research. There is much, much more research to be done. Aside from the issues of daily life affecting …

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5. Research #3

I attended rounds in the palliative care until and met three patients. I appreciate the discussion the clinicians had with the patients and their families (all patients had 1 to 3 family members present) and the private, expressive concern for finding the best way to stabilize the patients and reduce their pain. When I see …

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4. Research #2

Because communication is dynamic and both parties learn from each another, I do not see the purpose of a paternalistic perspective in health care. The goal of all study and research regarding health and health behavior should, explicitly, be based on making a contribution that leads to the real improvement of health outcomes, especially as …

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3. Research #1

Now, let us skip past the various issues of daily life and get to what is important: Research. I wondered if the quality of the research methodology here would similar to what is expected at an American university, for example. It is. The staff in the cancer center’s research office have high standards and individuals …

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2. Arrival

The 11 hour flight from ORD to AMM was not too bad (presumably due to my consuming meclizine and doxylamine in an effort to reduce motion sickness), with the exception of sitting in a “middle” seat, with the person to my left apparently unfamiliar with deodorant usage, and a shrill screaming child nearby whose mother …

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