Loving it!

We’re in our fourth week here and I am absolutely loving it! I can’t believe that we’ll be going home in 4 weeks L. Yes lab may be moving a little slow, but at least it’s moving. Last weekend was my 21st birthday and also Republic Day in Ghana so we went to Accra to …

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Main Attraction

Most people expect to visit various tourist attractions when they are abroad, but for us, we are the local’s main attraction.   Never in my life have I made this much awkward eye contact with so many people, and the funniest part is that they do not look away… I guess it doesn’t help that I …

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At first I did a lot of complaining about the house we lived in because it was filled with ants and whatnot, but the little place is starting to grow on me.  It is located down the street  from the lab, so it’s in perfect walking distance, and there are multiple restaurants on the way, …

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Week1: Inside Legon

In Legon, we visited the Center for Plant Medicine Research, which was incredible: I enjoyed learning a lot about the work that is being conducted at the center, the three main divisions present (Division of phytohemistry, pharmacology and toxicology, and microbiology) as well as the collaborations with other institutions worldwide. It was obvious that an …

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From San Diego to Ghana

Our flights from San Diego to Ghana weren’t bad at all.  Maneuvering through the various airports were fairly easy, just know that you’ll go through TSA again in London so make sure you throw out any liquids you bought in at the airport (or you can get searched like Sean and get made fun of …

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Week 1 Exploring Accra

During our first week in Ghana, we stayed in Accra and explored many sites. On our very first day in Accra, The places we visited included the WEB Du Bois’ museum, the museum of science and technology (which however was closed for renovation), Accra’s central big market, Ghana’s first lighthouse in James Town, Buka restaurant …

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