Bombo Senior Secondary School

When we visited the Bombo military base, we had the pleasure of touring the Bombo Senior Secondary School! For our project (and past student projects), we are collaborating with student group called Straight Talk Club. The Straight Talk Club promotes HIV awareness and prevention among students through dance group, plays, meetings, and other activities. The officers from Straight Talk Club organized an hour long welcome assembly complete with traditional dancing, modern dancing, and speeches. It was neat to see the other contributions from previous projects utilized for the presentation. The first group of MHIRT students purchased drums and Straight Talk t-shirts, and the second group of MHIRT students purchased a speaker system. The students and staff were so enthusiastic and appreciative of the contributions from the previous years. They also gave us a school tour! We look forward to revisiting the school in a few days to have a meeting and discuss what contributions we can do this year. Can’t wait! 🙂


Cynthia Begay

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