Beginning lab.

Although I couldn’t wait to start work, it was nice having a couple of extra days of leisure time. Our PI was just not quite ready for us to begin. I was more than okay with it, but I also would have been okay otherwise. I took that time to get to know Kaohsiung a little better by visiting a few temples, climbing to the top of the dragon and tiger pagodas at the lotus pond, seeing the animals at the Shou San zoo and finding delicious food to eat (sweet and sour frog anyone?). Oh, and rumor has it, that chewing on the betel nut for a bit can act as a stimulant but with a really bitter taste. Curiosity killed the cat, I would rather just drink some coffee. Any remaining feelings of nervousness were left at the table inside the conference room that the lab members hosted a Pizza Hut party in. It was a great way to get to know each other and have a conversation about life and lab, and life in the lab. During the lunch ideas were shared and weather was hot topic; they told us not to be surprised, not if, but when we see a typhoon come around our way. More on that later.


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