Steve – Week 5

As I’m getting close to returning to the U.S. I’m starting to think more about how different it will be once I go back. How weird it will feel to drive everywhere instead of using city bikes and the Kaohsiung MRT. Not having to rely on google translate and pointing at pictures to order food …

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Steve – Week 4

Our research project has started reaping results (see pictures below.) In doing the variety of tests to identify/confirm the species of bacteria and the interactions, I am learning the ins and outs of microbiology. In the grand scheme of research, I am beginning to understand how viruses and bacteria are researched and drugs are tested …

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Steve week 4

KMU is officially in summer. This past week students were busy moving out of the dorms. I met other international students, mostly graduate students in the dorm now that it is emptying out. Three are from all over Africa, specifically Malawi, Rwanda, and Uganda. We spent a lot of time trading questions about each other’s …

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Khoa – My Childhood

Someone told me this, “Your childhood is very important to you because it will determine who you are in the future.” I totally agree because I believe my first 16-years of life determined the rest of my life. In this blog, I want to share my childhood in Vietnam before moving to America 9 years …

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Steve – Week 3

I’ve become accustomed to a routine now that we have settled into Kaohsiung. The morning begins with breakfast at one of two small restaurants a short walk away from our dorms. Occasionally I find a fresh mango that drops from a tree on the walk as a free snack. Afterward, lab is only a few …

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LaKia: Week 3

We have finally begun our work in our labs. I am working in Dr. Li’s lab in the Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology department with Steven. Steve and I will be working on two research projects over the course of the summer. The first project will be focused on determining some of the chemical synthetic …

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