At first I did a lot of complaining about the house we lived in because it was filled with ants and whatnot, but the little place is starting to grow on me.  It is located down the street  from the lab, so it’s in perfect walking distance, and there are multiple restaurants on the way, so all of our necessities are in walking distance.  On top of that, we have a glorious AC unit in the living room, so every day after lab we all relax in there to cool down.  Everyone warned us that we need to be ready for cold showers, but they’re actually not that bad.  I think I got used to them after my first week in Cape.  The couches in the living room are also very comfy.  Fatimata and I share a room, and ours is always a few degrees cooler that Sean’s because some of our window panels don’t close all the way, so we’re able to receive constant airflow.

The bug bites were a little rough at first.  By the third day in Cape, I managed to receive over 15 bug bites on my legs alone (about 8 of them were from our stay in Accra).  They weren’t too bad because I realized that if I don’t scratch them they heal in about 4 days.  I also devised the brilliant plan to sleep in sweats and a hoodie to protect myself from the bugs.  When that didn’t work I decided to tuck my sweats into my socks, and luckily I did not receive any bites on my legs that night,

hooray! I did instead receive two horrible bites on my arm that swelled up, became its own being, and had a separate body temperature, so I finally caved in and bought a net for my bed.  I was finally able to experience the most peaceful and refreshing sleep I’ve had in Ghana.


– Cindy Famutimi

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