Amusement Parks and Deep Fried Milk

It feels bittersweet to be at a point in my stay where my days have an almost consistent routine to it. Bittersweet…considering that it’s almost time to leave all that has slowly morphed to feel like home.

To make the most out of the time we have left in Kaohsiung. We spent the day at E-DA world yesterday where we met up with my roommate who’s actually residing in that town for her hospital internship (yay for admission ticket discounts).

E-DA world theme park was an absolute thrill. Initially, I was quite skeptical about going since I assumed that the rides wouldn’t be enjoyable. I was wrong! All the rides were exhilarating and they even had VR which I tried for the first time. The whole park had a magical ambiance decked with an aegean sea theme.

Just casually dangling in the middle of the sky.

Today’s point of interest was Tainan, and although it was my second time visiting the city, this experience was vastly unique. Ma invited all of us to his parents home where we were greeted with a vast array of dishes. His family was so welcoming!

Ma then drove us all to Chimei Museum. A recently built museum that holds a collection of artifacts with western origins. The museum was stunning! I was amazed at how detailed each exhibition room was to the extent where it felt as if the room itself was mimicking the art surrounding it. 


To complete the day we found ourselves roaming the largest night market in Tainan. I had the opportunity to finally have deep fried milk and I am bound to learn how to recreate this dessert myself once I get back to the states, it’s that good!

Overall this weekend was incredible and I am happy to have friends that I can create such fond memories with before it’s time to go back home.

Logging off,



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