Adjusting to work!

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This past week has flown by so quickly being immersed in another culture. Everyday is packed with a learning experience not just culturally, but work related too.

I have attended numerous training sessions on TB, HIV, VHT ( Village Health teams), and HIV adolescents adherence. I have participated in the monthly vaccine delivery check in, a Ministry of Health assessment of a village health clinic, and learned how data collection works.

Although these work days were packed full of technical information and the learning curve was steep, I really enjoyed myself. The Ugandans incorporate many cultural aspects in their learning experiences such as repeating the answers out loud as a group without prompting, doing a special clap to give thanks to the presenter, and saying a blessing several times throughout the day.

I feel very welcome to participate, as much as I can, and to seek answers to ALL my questions. I realized yesterday that everyone is as curious about me as I am them and I exchanged contact information with a lot of my new community health care worker colleagues!

Peery W.

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