I write this after an outing with my lab and Paula’s lab. Our two professors scheduled a volleyball and watermelon event to celebrate with us for independence day. Unfortunately, unexpected rain halted our volleyball match and left us to retreat inside to enjoy the watermelons. As you can see, our labs are incredibly considerate and caring. We are diligently practicing techniques such as PCR and restriction enzyme digestion with Dr.Li’s students. The purpose of our project is to assess the polymorphisms present in chronic kidney disease for the CETP gene which is associated with CKD. This project requires us to initially conduct PCR for any specified number of isolated DNA samples to amplify the DNA then run gel electrophoresis as well as stain the gel to capture a photo under the U.V transiluminator. We then take the PCR products and use enzyme digestion to cut the DNA into fragments so we can identify the polymorphisms present. I am anticipating learning more about this project as well as observing techniques that Dr.Li’s students use for their own projects.

I have to also mention how incredible my roommates are. They have been so welcoming since our initial arrival at KMU dorms. Last week they took out Indigo and I for an outing at the night market where we were able to snack on so many tasty dishes such as fried squid, shaved ice, and pearl milk tea. The night markets here are captivating! There are so many food stands and each one has a unique presence so that makes it a challenge to choose which one to try but the choice becomes so much easier when you experience night markets with regular frequenters. My roommates, Cin and Yee Yee have shared tips with us so that we can distinguish which stand is a hit or a miss. Will keep you all updated on how their methods play out for individual trips to the night market~


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