Month: August 2019

Week 10: LaKia

We did not have lab this week, so we spent our time getting in our last bit of traveling. We went to Kenting and enjoyed the South Beach, which was beautiful! The waves were very powerful, so there were a lot of surfers out in the water. Because the waves were so powerful, we weren’t …

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Week 9: LaKia

This week was also our last week in lab. It was bitter sweet to wrap up our work in Dr. Li’s lab. Kelly and Jin have been so helpful and patient with us, and it’s sad to be leaving them. For our last week we did a final presentation, where we presented our entire research …

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Gabriel Final Week

The final week in Taiwan was really something. The beginning of the week was full of anxiousness and stress, trying to analyze the data correctly and getting my final presentation power point to be perfect. My data in particular had many readings since I used 6 sensors for my project. I went through so many …

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Week 8: Data Collection and Focus Group Discussions by a Waterfall

Week 8 consisted of visiting various health facilities to collect data for the other projects on HIV patient retention among adolescents and pregnant mothers. For one of the projects, I helped Liz go through health records to identify adolescent patients who were enrolled in care for HIV in 2014. We followed their care for 3 …

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