Month: July 2019

Steve – Week 9

With a government warning of a typhoon ahead, I was worried my trip to taipei would be spoiled. Thankfully, the remnants of the typhoon landed on southern Taiwan After I had left Friday. People here take weather warnings much more seriously compared to hurricane warnings in the southern U.S. Jin warned us to stock up …

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Steve – Week 7

The results of our research are continuing along. we have moved onto testing the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of our unknown bacillus species, F29-3, and CDCA, our unknown chemical compound from a fellow KMU researcher. We test MIC through creating differing concentrations of F29-3 and CDCA, and applying them on multiple discs onto a plate …

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Gabriel Williams Week 6

So far my experiment has become fairly solid. I am collecting good data from subjects and really learning how to interact with my subjects despite the language barrier. Not only do I have to make sure that my subjects are following the instructions, but I also have to make sure to give them instruction that …

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Gabriel- Week 5

This past week has been one of the slower weeks. Most of it has been just research and having a normal work day. I am currently gathering subjects to do my experiment and gather data. It is hard to gather subjects because many people are busy during the time when I have the EMG machine …

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Steve – Week 5

As I’m getting close to returning to the U.S. I’m starting to think more about how different it will be once I go back. How weird it will feel to drive everywhere instead of using city bikes and the Kaohsiung MRT. Not having to rely on google translate and pointing at pictures to order food …

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Steve – Week 4

Our research project has started reaping results (see pictures below.) In doing the variety of tests to identify/confirm the species of bacteria and the interactions, I am learning the ins and outs of microbiology. In the grand scheme of research, I am beginning to understand how viruses and bacteria are researched and drugs are tested …

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