Month: June 2019

Week 1 – Kampala

We landed in Uganda (after several flights) at around midnight and one of Dr. Brodine’s friends was there waiting and ready to meet us – at midnight! The ride to the Mulago Guest House at Makerere University was a bit of a blur after the 20+ hours of flying but we made it there and that was “home” for most of the first week. We started the days a little later as we adjusted to the time changes but when we were out and about, it was a great time. We met other colleagues of Dr. Brodine who provided valuable background on Uganda and at the same time showed us some basics such as where to get a local SIM card. The week really started to take off when we went to a cultural center where we watched local dances from the various regions of Uganda; each one told a different story about the communities in their respective areas. The week ended with a party, complete with wonderful company, lots of local dishes, and of course dancing.

My first impression of Uganda was made by someone waiting for us at the airport at midnight to take us to the house which was about an hour away – people can be so kind and helpful. Another observation that stood out to me was that a lot of people seemed to know each other. We sometimes use the phrase “small world” back in the US when we see someone unexpectedly but here in Uganda, the phrase seemed to take life. One of the colleagues, who we started to call “man of the people” seemed to run into someone he knew everywhere we went. Lastly, I was humbled by the lengths the host and friends went to at the party, to make us feel welcomed.

Looking forward to the District Health Office in Mbale!

Khoa – Chiayi City

Today, Fred took us to his hometown, Chiayi city, which is located in the plains of southwestern Taiwan. First stop, Mituo Temple was built in 1752 and renovated several times after earthquakes and floods. The whole temple was reconstructed in 1973 and completed in 1978. Fred has a good connection with Mituo Temple because he …

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LaKia: Week 1

I have just finished my first week in Taiwan and there is so much to comment on that I don’t even know where to begin. Almost everything about being in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and at Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) is different from my school and town in New Orleans, but at the same time almost everything …

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Steve – Week 1

I am three hours out from connecting in Tokyo, Japan before getting to Kaoshiung, Taiwan. This is the longest flight I’ve embarked on, eleven hours before a four hour flight to my final destination. These past three days in downtown San Diego was also my first time visiting California.  The ‘first times’ seem to never …

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Khoa – Week 1

Taiwan 2019 – First Day The moment that we stepped out of the Kaohsiung airport, we were impressed by the humidity. We had a hard time adapting to the weather and humidity in Kaohsiung. We stayed in the Alumni House for our first night because it was late at night and the dorm wasn’t ready …

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