Month: July 2018

Field work in Jesus Maria

Doing field work in Jesus Maria was much different in comparison to Huanchaco and Huanchaquito. The reason for this difference from my perspective is the rural environment of the community. In Huanchaco, the tourist environment makes it a more friendly atmosphere to people coming from other countries. Huanchaquito is a right balance of both of …

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Project Progress

Hello all! We finished our 200 surveys about three weeks ago and started inputting the data we got two weeks ago. My part was to input all the raw data we got from the peri-urban town of Huanchaquito into to tables that were simple to understand and demonstrated the accurate data collected. Our project revolves …

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Taiwan 2018: Weeks 5 & 6

Week 5: We were finally able to start the first part of our exercise intervention using the DAQ Air Pressure Pillow (a device created by the lab) on healthy subjects (members of our lab plus Kat and Brendon). We also performed everyone’s “pre” test on a Biodex machine that we’ll later compare to their “post” test …

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