Month: September 2017

Ensenada 3

The first weeks of July, there was a lot of reading and reviewing of research papers along with tending to cell cultures. Now that I knew the area of Ensenada a lot more, and the weather was warmer, I decided to look for more neighboring places where I could run or work out between study …

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Ensenada 2

As far as weather goes, we wore light sweaters on and off most of the mornings of June. Once July came around, mornings were a lot warmer and it started getting hot on the walks to and from our lab. A usual morning has consisted of taking turns early mornings for showers, making breakfast, and …

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Ensenada 4

Working in lab so far, I noticed the importance of collaboration and organization between members, especially when there are several research teams working in the same area at the same time. Although there are basic lab techniques that everyone in the lab follows, each team has their own style of going about their experiments and …

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Food in the region

Ensenada is a region well known for their seafood, being near the coast, everywhere you go there is a lot of different types of seafood dishes. But just as there are several seafood places there are also a lot of taco stands and Asian food. Before coming to Ensenada, I hadn’t sit down to think …

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Daily Living

My daily day to day activities consist of attending lab and working on my project. If there is not that much work to do with my project than I help out with the mice or do other minor tasks. I usually get up in the morning and cook myself something for breakfast; the mornings are …

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Exploring Ensenada

During this past couple of weekends, we have been exploring Ensenda little by little, which include places like La Bufadora, Dessert Nest ziplines, and La Joya beach. First, we ventured off into La Bufadora, which is one of the main attractions for tourist. It is a very beautiful place with a lot of artisanal crafts …

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