Month: July 2017

Isla Formosa

“Isla Formosa” was the name given to this island a few centuries ago by the Portuguese, and suitably so. I see, hear, breathe, feel and live beauty every day. If you can get past the sticky moisture and unannounced rainfall the tropical air provides you’ll appreciate her true and natural sultriness. As warm and fraught …

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Taiwan Adventures – Day 1

There are certain moments in life, where your perspective can change. These past two weeks in Taiwan have been eye-opening. Some readers may sigh with this sort of cliched one-liner, but it’s something that I experienced. As we visited the different cities of Taiwan, what stood out to me, was the juxtaposition between nature and …

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Week 2

It has officially been a little over 2 weeks since we landed in Taiwan. We got an amazing cultural tour of Taipei, Jiufen, Nan’ao, Taroko, and Kaohsiung by Matt. Each place that we visit showed me how beautiful Taiwan is. We saw waterfalls, huge mountains right outside our window, and a great coastal view. There …

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One of the thing that I’m enjoying from this experience is the culture and the people I’m meeting. Although the languages and science are similar in some ways, back home I don’t think I would have had some of the unique interactions I had here; both with people and daily life unexpected situations. You know …

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