Month: July 2016

Volunteer Work!

This week we started volunteering at Montessori Primary/Junior High.  Fatimata made the mistake of exiting the car with her camera in her hands because all the little kids swarmed her for pictures.  This was the first time Sean was not the center of attention for the younger population.  Every time we returned to the school …

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The Base at Bombo

Last week, we visited Bombo twice. On Monday, Gilbert took us to meet Captain Solomon, the standing director of HIV services at the Bombo medical clinic. He greeted us with his huge smile and thunderous laugh and made us feel at home. We toured around the clinic, visiting the medical director, counselors, and medical doctors. We also …

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Week 7

Week 7? It sure does not feel like it. I have noticed that when I am speaking with my lab mates, I now refer my dormitory as my home. Conversations would go something like: Lab mates: We are planning on going to visit this Liang Shan (Mountain) this weekend. I: What time do you think …

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Week 6: Adwa’s Pre-Kindergarten Graduation

Our graduate Mentor in the lab is Akrofi. This week, his four and half year old daughter graduated from a day care school and we attended the ceremony. The event included choir songs by the kids and well as a fashion show and a drama play. Fatimata Sanogo

Week 5: Elmina Carnival

We got the chance to Experience Elmina Carnival thanks to our local friend Williams, also nicknamed Redemption. The carnival happens once a year and it’s a festival during which locals honor and give thanks to the gods that of the land. Williams has been a friend to MHIRT students since several years now and every …

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3. Research #1

Now, let us skip past the various issues of daily life and get to what is important: Research. I wondered if the quality of the research methodology here would similar to what is expected at an American university, for example. It is. The staff in the cancer center’s research office have high standards and individuals …

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