Day: June 23, 2016

Week 1: Cultural Immersion

While my other fellows have described the experience and beauty of Taiwan, I would rather write about the practicalities of traveling to Taiwan. First and foremost, the weather in Taiwan is hot and humid in addition to frequent rainfalls. I would recommend wearing light clothing because you will sweat. However, those that want to be …

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Cultural Immersion

It has been officially a week since our departure to Taiwan. We (Sophia, Belen, Carlos and I) have finally reached our destination and our home for the next nine weeks at Kaohsiung Medical University. All of last week we’ve explored Taiwan, from the Southwest to the tip of Taiwan and making stops around the countryside. …

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Week Touring Taiwan

Touring parts of Taiwan with my fellow fellows was awesome. Aside from getting to know them a lot better, I definitely enjoyed visiting Taipei as well as the various smaller towns. We visited a variety of natural reserves. We biked towards the mountains, hiked other mountains, visited a Buddhist mountain temple, crossed a suspension bridge, …

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Cultural Immersion 101

Hello | Ni hao I’m currently sitting on the fourth floor of the Kaohsiung Medical University Library and I’m not going to lie, this place is really cool! There’s about 100 students studying for their finals and its surprising how many books each student has on their desk (hopefully all their exams go well). Anyways, …

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Journey to Uganda

Good evening from Kampala Uganda! It’s currently 10:45 pm here…it maybe anywhere between 1:00pm-4:00pm if you are reading this from the states. I wanted to start my blog entries with how we arrived to Uganda! This has been the longest international trip I’ve taken by far. Dr. Stephanie Brodine, Peery, and I began our journey at …

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